The New American Dream (Ep 10) – The Opioid Intervention

“When elected, I will introduce legislation that will legalize cannabis at the federal level and use the $100 BILLION DOLLARS generated by doing so over the next decade to directly respond to the opioid epidemic that has led drug overdose to become the #1 cause of death for people under 50 in the United States.

Evidence-based solutions emphasizing harm reduction and treatment interventions not only exist – they are medically and scientifically proven to save lives. Opioid use disorder is treatable by medical professionals with the appropriate equipment and medication. Overdose prevention centers are being established throughout the world to reduce the health and societal problems associated with drug use and to directly engage with some of the most difficult-to-reach segments of the population.

Every single one of our elected officials needs to stand up to the pharmaceutical industry, but they won’t. With nearly $300 million spent on politics by the pharma industry in 2018 alone – our leaders & DC’s political operatives can’t afford to do what’s right.

I’m one of the only candidates running for office that is offering a solution to this problem that will not only directly save thousands of lives – but will pay for itself entirely by investing the tax revenue from legalized cannabis into building a culture of care instead of criminality. Into intervening to save people’s lives, not to throw more people in prison.

Just say no… to the war on drugs.”

The New American Dream (Ep 0x) – Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

“In this episode of The New American Dream I discuss how I believe our government should approach utilizing and regulating blockchain and related technologies. I also introduce three transformative policies that would inspire incredible growth within the blockchain industry:

1.) “The Public Blockchain For Public Records Act”

2.) “The ICO Crowdfunding Act”

3.) And “The Cryptocurrency Is Currency Act”

And I also explain how my campaign is currently utilizing the Ethereum blockchain to power my website and for an ERC-20 political cryptocollectible token that my campaign has issued for fundraising!”

The New American Dream (Ep 8) – “We The People” Livestream Interview with Uphill Media

“My recent interview on Uphill Media’s “We The People” was the best interview I’ve done so far! I had the opportunity to discuss why campaign finance reform, Medicare For All, ending the wars, and the Green New Deal are so important to me and we talked about the progress my campaign has made on “The Democracy Initiatives” – four citizen’s initiatives that would completely transform the democratic process in the state of Colorado.

Those four initiatives are:

1.) Publicly funding elections with “Democracy Vouchers”

2.) Replacing plurality voting with Approval Voting

3.) Incentivized voting with refundable tax credits for anyone that votes

4.) Making Election Day a national holiday called “Democracy Day”

Check out the interview for a more detailed description about the purpose of these initiatives and how they would be implemented. Also, for anyone who wants to get to know me better or find out what values I stand for, this is a good opportunity to see how I think about the world and the current state of our political system. Thanks for watching!”

The New American Dream (Ep 7) – The Price of Politics

“Why is it that – even with an approval rating of just 10% – 20% – congressional incumbents still manage to defend their seats more than 90% of the time? It’s because we have a system that does nearly everything possible to prevent working class and poor people from participating in the political process and running competitive campaigns against the billionaires and special interests.

The average cost of winning a US House seat is $1,500,000 and the average cost of winning a US Senate seat is OVER $10,000,000! To put that absolutely obscene amount of money in perspective a little bit, if a candidate raised 27 donations of $27 every single day it would take over 5 years to raise just the average amount to win a US House seat and nearly 40 years to raise just the average amount to win a US Senate seat!

Very few people in our society have the financial means to compete with these enormous sums of money, so our political system has become dominated by opportunists who could accurately be described as corporations pretending to be human beings. These people do nothing but follow the money. They vote for healthcare legislation that drives working class people into bankruptcy whenever they get sick because it’s what their greedy donors want. They vote for education policies that drive entire generations into lifelong debt because it’s what their greedy donors want. And they vote to start wars, to build pipelines, to outsource jobs, to deregulate the economy, and to privatize critical institutions because it’s what their greedy donors want. This level of corporate control over our political institutions is a tragedy for our democracy.”

The New American Dream (Ep 6) – Ten Things I Hate About Joe

“I don’t like Joe Biden and I don’t agree at all with the folks out there claiming that the definition of “unity” includes throwing away our critical thinking skills and refusing to criticize any of the 2020 Democratic primary candidates.

That might work if the only goal here was defeating Trump – but it isn’t. We’re also trying to build an economic system, political system, criminal justice system, and environmental protection system that works for ALL of us, not just the wealthy. That’s never going to happen as long as corporate-friendly, warmongering, out-of-touch “centrist” politicians (like Joe Biden) continue to be the standard-bearers for the Democratic Party.

We need someone who is going to take a stand against the wealthy and powerful with ambitious policies that will help us build a society that works for ALL of us. We don’t need someone who has spent the last 40 years of his political career pushing the corporate agenda by supporting mass incarceration, the war on drugs, the death penalty, military invasions, dismantling the social safety net, the Patriot Act, and a border wall. We don’t need someone who has helped enable the outsourcing of American labor, supported the Hyde Amendment, silenced and shamed Anita Hill, passionately fought against desegregation, and has taken huge sums of money from the financial services industry.

That’s why I made this video encouraging people to research Joe Biden’s record of votes and values. The Democrats have a variety of good candidates running this campaign cycle, and I believe that the more that people learn about the differences between the candidates, the less they will support Joe Biden.”

The New American Dream (Ep 5) – Livestream Interview with The Collective Social Network

“Earlier this week I had the opportunity to sit down for a livestream interview with The Collective Social Network to discuss how my congressional campaign is taking on the political establishment! It’s a great conversation where we touch on a number of the important issues that define my values and political platform, such as:

– Campaign Finance Reform

– Medicare For All

– The Green New Deal

– US Imperialism, the Military-Industrial Complex, and Ending the Wars

– Comprehensive Immigration Reform

– Labor Policy

– And a variety of other interesting topics, progressive policies, and good solutions.

I had a great time discussing these important issues for such a long time and I’m really looking forward to going on the show again in the future as my election draws closer. Thanks for watching!”

The New American Dream (Ep 4) – The Democracy Initiatives

“Today, I’m excited to announce the next big step for my congressional campaign: The Democracy Initiatives – four Citizen’s Initiatives created by my campaign that will modernize and transform the democratic process in the state of Colorado. These four initiatives are:

– Making Election Day a state holiday called “Democracy Day” in Colorado.

– Publicly funding Colorado’s elections with “Democracy Vouchers” for every registered voter.

– Creating tax credits for voting in Colorado’s primary and general elections.

– Replacing our unfair and broken voting system with an Approval Voting system, meaning that we make one simple change to the way that we vote: allowing people to vote for as many candidates as they want instead of just one candidate.

The Democracy Initiatives will transform Colorado’s democratic process by boosting voter turnout in our primary and general elections, giving the people more power in the campaign finance system, and giving third-party and Independent candidates a truly fair chance at running competitive campaigns against major party candidates. These are the kinds of policies that we need to fight for in every state throughout the nation so we can get more people voting, more people involved in the process, and more outsider politicians challenging the status quo.”

The New American Dream (Ep 3) – Congress Does What It Does Best

“My favorite part of running for office is all of the amazing opportunities I have to reach out and connect with so many different people in so many different ways. One of the top priorities of my campaign is trying to help inform people about what’s going on in the world of politics in a way that’s both entertaining *and* informative.

That’s why we decided to cover some of this week’s most interesting and absurd political news on this episode of The New American Dream! I talk about the US House vote to override Trump’s veto, Mitch McConnell’s sham vote on The Green New Deal, Senator Mike Lee being absolutely ridiculous, and I take a closer look at US Senator Cory Gardner and a passionate progressive running for his Senate seat in 2020 here in Colorado. Hope you enjoy!”

The New American Dream (Ep 2) – Affordable Housing and Rent Stabilization Rally

“We NEED affordable housing. This must become a top priority for our legislatures. Not just in Denver. Not just in Colorado. We need this throughout the entire nation.

There are over 550,000 homeless people struggling to survive in our country. That’s roughly the equivalent of the entire population of the state of Wyoming slipping through the cracks of our society. Meanwhile, millions more are being forced out of their homes and communities, away from their jobs and families, and out of their school systems because the cost of living in their neighborhood has doubled or tripled over the last decade alone.

That’s why I joined United For A New Economy at an Affordable Housing and Rent Stabilization Rally in support of a bill sponsored by Senator Julie Gonzales that would empower our local city and county governments to create and enact solutions to our housing crisis.

The people of Colorado are incredibly passionate about this issue, so on this episode of The New American Dream, I decided to let them do most of the talking!

Special thanks to Senator Julie Gonzales for sponsoring the bill and to United For A New Economy, 9to5 Colorado, and Colorado Homes for All for hosting this event.”

The New American Dream (Ep 1) – I’m Running For Congress!

“I’m running for Congress and I need your help. I’d like to ask all of the supporters of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Bernie Sanders, Ro Khanna, Tulsi Gabbard, Ilhan Omar, Elizabeth Warren, and all other progressive politicians to help me spread the word about my campaign & the “New American Dream” platform. It includes:

– Campaign Finance Reform
– Medicare For All
– Tuition Free Public Colleges & Universities
– Universal Child Care
– Raising The Minimum Wage
– The Green New Deal
– Ending The Wars
– And many more progressive political policies!”

Reach out to the campaign at [email protected]