About Me

A little about who I am and where I came from…

Well, I’m not really sure where to begin. I’m 31 years old and I come from a pretty typical working/middle class background. My mother was a cashier at Walmart for around 20 years and my father did factory work and filled vending machines until he was injured at work. They now operate a small home business together selling on eBay & Amazon.

As for me, well, I’ve been passionate about progressive politics for over half my life. I was 13 years old when 9/11 happened and the response from the Bush administration was what first inspired me to really learn about what was going on in the world. I started participating in demonstrations against the wars and in support of gay marriage, reproductive rights, and civil liberties in general. Almost immediately after graduating from high school, the entire economy collapsed and the world was suddenly on the brink of another Great Depression. The government’s reaction to that situation inspired me to learn and study even more about what was going on in the world. I started participating in demonstrations against corporate greed and in support of universal healthcare, campaign finance reform, and environmental causes that would protect our planet from those who would destroy it for profit.

I decided not to go to college because the prospect of taking on so much debt for such a long time in such a volatile and unpredictable economy was very unappealing to me. Instead, I went to work and applied my knowledge of technology and computer systems to eventually become the IT Manager of a small community banking franchise. I saved every single penny I could and invested all of it into some of America’s largest technology companies. Over time, those investments grew to a point where I could sell my shares and do what I do now – focus primarily on progressive politics.

One of the most unfair aspects of our political system is that people essentially have to already be financially secure to run a competitive campaign. We need to publicly finance our elections to help combat this incredibly serious problem, but I do consider myself very fortunate to be in a position where I can realistically dedicate the amount of time and energy to this campaign that is required to pull off a victory.

In 2015, Bernie Sanders inspired me to seriously consider running for office for the first time ever. He was the first politician that really made me feel like a political revolution – where thousands of people run for office all over the country and actually take back our government and make it work for the people – was possible. Ever since Bernie’s 2016 primary campaign, I’ve been extremely passionate about progressive politics in general and specifically interested in running for a US House seat on a truly progressive platform that I feel would create a society that works for ALL of us.

What inspired me to run for this seat against Rep. Ed Perlmutter?

What makes me different than Ed (and the vast majority of the rest of our elected officials) is that I am a true progressive with an absolute commitment to driving corporate influence out of our political process/institutions and building a society that actually works for ALL of the American People.

I support a wide variety of ambitious progressive policy reforms, but my primary goal as an elected official will be to generate and foster support for a movement – here in Colorado and throughout the nation – for a campaign finance reform amendment to the US Constitution that would overturn Citizen’s United and allow us to put into place absolutely critical regulations on the campaign finance system. This is so incredibly important to me because I believe that it’s going to be nearly impossible to create the kind of healthcare system, economic system, criminal justice system, education system, immigration system, and environmental protection system that we want to build without first loosening the grip that corporations have on our political process.

I will be an enthusiastic and outspoken supporter of big progressive policies that will significantly improve the lives of millions of Americans. Policies like Medicare For All, tuition-free public colleges and universities, universal child care, guaranteed paid family and medical leave, raising the minimum wage, strengthening social security, and The Green New Deal. And I will stand against wars, violence, bigotry, sexism, xenophobia, and racism – including the institutionalized racism that has plagued America since its inception. This disgusting and ignorant ideology has recently been on full display – especially in our criminal justice and immigration systems – which is why it’s so incredibly important for the millions of Americans and other people throughout the world who are being hurt and oppressed by our government that we fight back and elect representatives that actually care about what people want and need, not about what corporations have paid them to care about.

I don’t want to spend much time talking negatively about Rep. Ed Perlmutter. My goal is to do that as little as possible. The main difference between the two of us is pretty simple: I’m much more progressive and “further to the left” than Ed is. There are many issues where Ed and I agree with each other completely and entirely. When we do have our differences, it’s usually because I don’t believe Ed’s suggestions go far enough.

I believe we need a representative that’s going to take a more aggressive stand against corporations and the corrupt political parties. I believe we need a representative that will fight harder for a nationwide movement to amend the Constitution and overturn Citizens United. I believe we need a representative that will passionately support ambitious ideas like Medicare For All, tuition-free colleges and universities, universal child care, and guaranteed paid family and medical leave. So, I decided to run for US House in Colorado’s 7th district because I know without a doubt that I will be a representative that does just that.